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User Adoption Dashboard is live on AppExchange


The User Adoption Dashboard I created earlier this month is now live on the AppExchange. Click the image below to get to the Dashboard page or search for it on AppExchange.


I have received very positive feedback about the dashboard and I understand it is being used by during AppExchange seminars, which is very nice to hear.

I would really appreciate additional feedback about the dashboard as a comment on this post and/or on the AppExchange page as a review. Also, please let me know how the dashboard can be improved or additional dashboards that would be helpful to have on AppExchange.

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User Adoption Dashboard

User Adoption is a key success criterion for any implementation. The metrics by which to measure adoption vary from project to project. My projects typically include some kind of Adoption Dashboard that is used to allow the admins and executives to get an overview of the activity taking place within the system. This is often as simple as measuring who is creating what records, what types of data is being created from a macro-system viewpoint and measuring this activity over a period of time.

I keep a few baseline Dashboards on my App Exchange account to use as a starting point on my projects. I would like to share one of them now and have made it available on App Exchange for anyone to download into their environment. I am planning on submitting this dashboard configuration to be public in the App Exchange directory, but I’d like some feedback on it first. You can get the dashboard by clicking the image below.


The dashboard contains a series of components that look at the data activity over the past 60 days (Leads Created, Accounts Created, Cases Closed, etc). It also contains 2 user lists: one for the number of logins per user over the past 7 days and another for the users that have not logged in over the past 7 days.

The dashboard should work within any environment as it only references standard Salesforce objects & fields. The Dashboard and its corresponding reports both go into folders called “User Adoption Dashboard from AppExchange”. The folders will be publicly accessible, by default. The Dashboard will be setup to run under the user that downloaded the app exchange package.

I am interested in your feedback on this. Please leave comments on your use of adoption dashboards/reports, reaction to the dashboard I created, ideas for other metrics to track in a dashboard like this, etc.

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