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Gmail’s Alias Feature is handy for Salesforce Usernames


Did you know that you can add a + within your gmail address to automatically give yourself a new, unique email address that acts as an alias for your main address? Then, using Gmail’s filters, you can label/delete/forward those emails as needed. It’s a handy way to create a new unique email address on the fly without needing to go somewhere and actually create an account or explicitly setup an alias.

For example, the following email addresses will all go to


This works for gMail as well as Google Apps for Your Domain.

The main reason I bring it up is that it’s a handy way to create new Salesforce usernames without needing to take an extra step and setup a new email address for yourself. Also, it’s a handy way to keep your email organized because you can use Gmail’s Filters to do so.

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Salesforce Integration 101

The ADN site has a new series on integration (ref).

Part 1 is a screencast overview of your integration options (ADN login is required to view it). If you are getting started with Salesforce integration or maintaining a curriculum for people in your company, this is a good place to point them to. Part 1 should help you visualize the various options and segment them in your mind, so you can figure out the integration method that works best to address your needs.

Part 2 is called “Next Generation Integration Services”, which will talk about new capabilities in store for the platform. No date is published for it. Just that it’s “coming soon”.

Visit the Enterprise Integration Series on ADN.

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Part 3 of the O’Reilly series was posted

Part 3 of the the O’Reilly Network’s 3-part series about was posted today. It’s called Packaging for’s AppExchange.

I updated my original post with the a link to part 3. You can get to all of them from there.

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3-part series about on the O’Reilly Network

Tony Stubblebine just posted part 2 of his 3-part series on how to build and distribute applications on’s AppExchange. The series is being published on the O’Reilly Network. Links have been permanently added to my blog sidebar, but here they are again:

Part 1 of 3 – An Introduction to’s AppExchange: Tony lays out the basic information that any developer should know to get started. This article provides some context and points to how a developer can get their hands on a free Developer Edition account.

Part 2 of 3 – Using the API: Tony explains how the Salesforce API works by creating a PERL script that automatically creates Leads for every comment posted on a blog. This is a well-rounded example because it explains how to use the API and also how it impacts the back-end (inside Salesforce).

Part 3 of 3 – Packaging for’s AppExchange: Tony continues building the blog-to-lead application by walking through the process of packaging and uploading to the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Salesforce’s URL Structure

Mike at Thoughts on posted a nice overview of the URL Structure.

He also references a site I’d never heard of called Here’s a link to the Salesforce page on that site.

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