Summer 05 Edition

The summer 05 edition of looks to be on its way. The company has touted a few features that should create a big impact. At IntegrationForce day, an introduction to a few of these features was made. Among those are:

  • Multiforce
  • Partner Portal Toolkit
  • Sforce Data Loader

I highly suggest listening to Mark Benioff’s keynote address. It provides a lot of insight into where the company is going and a preview of this new release. It will be very interesting to see the next several releases of the product. The company is at a bit of a cross roads between focusing on the success of its CRM product vs. focusing on creating a development environment whose initial bit of pre-packaged functionality happens to be CRM. It appears that they are focusing on the latter. Personally, I think that is very exciting because it should provide a tremendous push to the overall On-Demand software market. By doing this, I imagine you will begin to see competitors such as Microsoft enter the market and toolsets will be created to allow for much stronger on-demand application to be built by
business users rather than by IT departments.

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