Spam Check is Live on AppExchange


I am pleased to announce that Spam Check is now live on the AppExchange.

Spam Check lets your Salesforce system evaluate your data to see if it’s Spam. It contains built-in support for incoming Web-to-Lead and Web-to-Case data and also has global Apex methods that allow developers to incorporate Spam checks in their applications (e.g. a custom Salesforce Site).  This application delivers a solution for a popular idea from the community.

Spam Check uses Akismet, the leading spam evaluation service used on tens of thousands of blogs and websites everyday. Akismet gets its intelligence from the vast community that uses it everyday.  Spam Check allows you to contribute to it and make it more intelligent for the whole community and for your Salesforce system specifically.

Install it from the AppExchange to start a free, no obligation 30-day trial.  Once installed, you will get an email pointing you to the Spam Check Setup Guide.

For more information, please visit the Spam Check page on our website or its AppExchange listing.

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