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Taking a break

I am taking a break and will be back again towards the end of March. I will be missing all the happenings for the Spring ’07 release. A few of the cooler items in the upcoming release are:

  • Customizable Search Results – you can go a step further than you can today and add Filters. This allows the end user to perform a generic search and then perform additional filtering on the search results without having to re-search. (Wish this was added to Views, so users wouldn’t have to create a new View everytime they want to filter for something.)
  • Time Based Workflow – Allows workflow events to be triggered based upon time passing. Looks like the timing can only be in Days. Hopefully, hours will be implemented as an option in the future.
  • Email Approvals – accept/reject your Approvals from your email client rather than having to log into Salesforce.
  • Rich content Solutions – allows you to document you Solutions in HTML format using a WYSIWYG editor. (wish this was on Activity comments too or, even better, as an option on all Long Text fields).
  • Enhanced Data Model Customization – allows you to create lookup relationships between Standard Objects, create recursive relationships on Standard Objects, etc.

I look forward to catching up on the new release when I get back. It’s not as grand as the Winter ’07 release, but it’s encouraging to see another release take place so quickly afterwards.

If you submit comments to the blog while I am out and don’t see them published on the site, now you know why. Have a good March!

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Workaround to the formula compile size limit

The Decoding Salesforce blog feed-icon-12x12.png has a good post on working around the formula compile size limit. In short, it’s a way to span your large formula across 2 formulas and compile them in a particular sequence so Salesforce doesn’t realize its over its limit. Nice hacking!

I think this workaround may be needed less in the future, however. I am quite certain that the formula field compile size is getting increased to 5K with the Spring ’07 release.

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