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Newsgator Apps for RSS Reading Are FREE

Newsgator just announced they are making all their consumer RSS apps free. If you are looking for a new way to follow RSS feeds, check them out. They are my preferred service. I would use Google Reader, but it doesn’t support secure feeds and doesn’t have all these nice options.

Some of the Newsgator service’s highlights (all this is free):

  • No matter what client you use, everything is synced (feeds, read/unread status, saved items). This is key to it all for me.
  • Support secure feeds
  • Has a decent web interface
  • Has a Desktop Windows App (FeedDemon). I use it every day and love it. Better than any reader of any kind that I’ve used. Why use the web interface when this is nicer looking than any web interface, is faster and syncs all your data with online.
  • Has a Desktop Mac App (NetNewsWire). Mac users typically feel the same way about this app that I do about FeedDemon.
  • Has a feed reading solution for MS Outlook
  • Has a mobile web HTML interface
  • Has a Java mobile app for Java enabled phones (e.g. Blackberry)

Just thought I’d pass it along to everyone as a good RSS option.

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Software for Virtual Teams

The Read/WriteWeb blog feed-icon-12x12.png has a nice post about Software for Virtual Teams.

If you are looking for other on-demand type tools for your team/business, this is a nice list to start with.

Check it out

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Subscribe to iCal calendars with Outlook

This post actually has nothing to do with, but I thought it might be of interest…

I have recently become intrigued by Google Calendar. It’s ease of use is great and it’s ability to subscribe to published iCal calendars is very cool. The catch is that I can only access it from a browser. Catch #2 is that I use Outlook’s calendar extensively. Outlook is great, but subscribing to other calendars using iCal is not there. Over the past month, I’ve needed to subscribe to about 5 calendars. I did this in Google Calendar, but then I had to keep visiting that site in order to see the calendars. I needed another solution.

Enter Remote Calendars. It’s an open source add-in to Outlook 2003 that allows you to subscribe to iCal calendars. It also has functionality that lets you sync your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar. I wasn’t able to get the sync working yet (I actually deleted my entire calendar in the process. Thanks for backups!), but I am subscribing to a bunch of calendars now. I’ll try the sync later.

Remote Calendars homepage
Remote Calendars Sourceforge Project

I would assume Outlook 2007 will have this built in (anyone know?). For now, this works just fine.

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