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I’ve been reorganizing the way blogs and social media will be used for Arrowpointe and wanted to inform you about what’s changing.  A new application is being launched very soon and, once it is, I will be picking up the pace and getting back to the business of blogging.

Website Redesign
The Arrowpointe website was recently redesigned (new logo too).  There, you will find links to all that I am explaining in this post.  (you can also get a bit of preview information about the new application that will be launched)

I have decided to separate content into 2 separate blogs.

  • Developer Blog – This blog (subscribe) will be focused on broader topics such as news, developer tips, etc., as opposed to Arrowpointe-specific product information.
  • Company/Product Blog – A new blog was created on the company site that will focus on company news and announcements regarding Arrowpointe’s applications. While I transition, I will cross-post across the blogs, but over time product information will be put onto the company/product blog. You can subscribe to that blog via rss or email.

Social Media

  • Our You Tube channel will be the best location to get video about our applications.
  • Our Facebook page is a great place to find a collection of all our content from the web.
  • Our Twitter feed will collect notifications about all our postings around the web as well as informal commentary about, life on the web and other information that may be of interest. Our Facebook feed will post to Twitter, but not the other way around.

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Knowledge Base for Arrowpointe Products

I have setup a knowledge base using my Salesforce org to contain solutions for Arrowpointe products. Going forward, this will be the official location for help documentation on all Arrowpointe products. It is currently well populated with information on Arrowpointe Maps and Info Center. I am in the process of populating it for Auto vCard, User Adoption Dashboard and the Akismet anti-spam solution.

The direct URL to the knowledge base is:

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Email Subscriptions

I switched the email subscription provider from Feedblitz to Feedburner for this blog. Feedburner doesn’t require you to make an account with them and you will receive the full content of the blog post in your email.

If you would like to subscribe to Perspectives on by email, visit the subscribe page and enter your email address in the form on that page.

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Syndicated Content for Partners

Learn how can help your business

As a Partner, I am able to take advantage of a new offering from Salesforce for Partners, Syndicated Content. This allows partners to add a page to their website that pulls in content from and allows website visitors to learn about products without leaving the partner’s site. There are also links that allow visitors to start a trial and the partner gets a referral from it.

The cool thing about it is that it’s implemented with about 20 lines of code and the code is provided, so it’s a simple copy/paste action. Arrowpointe’s page is located at

I think it’s a nice offering from Salesforce on several fronts:

  • It’s optional
  • Partners have incentive to use it to get referral fees via trials that are started that eventually lead to license deals for Salesforce
  • It adds a lot of very professional content to a partner’s website
  • The content’s design is clean and does not dominate my website’s design. Although, it would be nice if I were able to modify the CSS to do things like change the font size to match my website font and some other things. Maybe I can, but I need to investigate it. It’ll be a hack if I do it. No information on this was provided to me.
  • A website visitor does not need to leave to read the content
  • As a partner, I don’t need to keep this content up to date. It’s all pulled from a content server controlled by Salesforce. This ensures the content on my site doesn’t grow stale.

I don’t know how successful it will be for Arrowpointe specifically, but it’s a nice offering that does not seem to discriminate between large and small partners.

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Arrowpointe on Twitter

twitter.pngI have created a Twitter account for Arrowpointe. Follow it at A direct RSS feed can be found here.

This will be an informal line of communication. I have it hooked up to my IM, so I am more likely to post nuggets of info about as I am learning it rather than saving things for a longer post or, perhaps, forgetting to post them. It will probably be relatively active during Dreamforce too. Use of it will probably evolve a little as I get used to this mini-blogging thing.

My last 5 “tweets” also appear on the right-hand side of this blog.

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