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All Spring ’08 Information

Salesforce posted the landing page for the Spring ’08 release. All information regarding the release including links to release notes, admin previews, implemented ideas, etc. can be found here.

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Coming in Spring ’08

As I was perusing the Idea Exchange today, I came across this item with a comment from Salesforce saying that it was coming in Spring ’08 and was tagged as such.

A little URL hacking later and I came up with the feed to follow what’s coming in Spring ’08.

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Join the Spring ’08 Pre-Release Program

If you are an AppExchange partner, you can join the Spring ’08 pre-release program. The nice thing about how Salesforce is approaching it this time is that you can have one of your developer orgs cloned to a pre-release server. This allows you to really see how your own configuration will be affected by the new release.

The steps to do it are easy. Go to to learn more.

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