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This post actually has nothing to do with, but I thought it might be of interest…

I have recently become intrigued by Google Calendar. It’s ease of use is great and it’s ability to subscribe to published iCal calendars is very cool. The catch is that I can only access it from a browser. Catch #2 is that I use Outlook’s calendar extensively. Outlook is great, but subscribing to other calendars using iCal is not there. Over the past month, I’ve needed to subscribe to about 5 calendars. I did this in Google Calendar, but then I had to keep visiting that site in order to see the calendars. I needed another solution.

Enter Remote Calendars. It’s an open source add-in to Outlook 2003 that allows you to subscribe to iCal calendars. It also has functionality that lets you sync your Outlook calendar with Google Calendar. I wasn’t able to get the sync working yet (I actually deleted my entire calendar in the process. Thanks for backups!), but I am subscribing to a bunch of calendars now. I’ll try the sync later.

Remote Calendars homepage
Remote Calendars Sourceforge Project

I would assume Outlook 2007 will have this built in (anyone know?). For now, this works just fine.

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  1. Charlie Wood Said,

    September 28, 2006 @ 4:44 am


    Yes, Outlook 2007 has this built in. Microsoft calls this feature “Internet Calendar Subscriptions”. It’s mostly working in the most recent beta. You can read more about it here:


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