Random Wish List

Wanted to document a few “wish list” items that Salesforce.com should put into the application. Hopefully someone from Salesforce.com is checking out this blog.

Mass Email Activities (more detail)

When using the mass email feature today, it can log an activity for each Contact. However, the activity says next to nothing. It does not contain the text of the email and has no reference to the email template. The activity created should provide the text of the email that went out and any attachments included (just like the Send Email feature does). If that is too much text and SFDC fears it’ll increase database size too much, at least have a reference to the email template that was used.

Campaign Visibility & Sharing

Right now, the Marketing User user profile field gives someone control of the Campaigns. It’d be fantastic if Campaigns were made to work just like the other objects with their own default Sharing Rule and the ability to add Campaign Sharing Rules to extend visibility to Campaigns. I think Campaigns were designed for a centralized marketing group to use. However, the functionality is applicable to a sales user too whereby a Sales person may want to run a personal Campaign. In today’s world, they would need the Marketing User flag set on their profile. This would let them do that, but it’d also let them edit/delete anyone else’s Campaigns.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts for things like Save, Cancel, New, etc. would be nice. SFDC currently requires heavy use of a mouse. Keyboard shortcuts are especially important on the Supportforce side of the house.

More than 1 personal reports folder

Give users the ability to create more than 1 personal reports folder. It is currently the equivalent of having 1 folder on your harddrive for all of your documents. Users should be able to create multiple folders. That’s step 1. The second (and less important) step would be to allow for a hierarchy of folders. This functionality would negate the need for the HTML component I mentioned in a earlier posting.

Sales History Related List being Customizable

The new customizable related list functionality is great. It’d be nice if the Sales History list was editable too. For example, Expected Revenue is stuck on there. I have yet to see an implementation where my clients puts any significance on that field. We should be able to remove it.

Additional To people on an email

In the summer 05 release, the CC and BCC fields can bring up a list of Contacts to pick from. That link needs to be on the Additional To field too. This may have been a Summer 05 release oversight.

Mass Mail Merge

Allow users to do a mass mail merge similar to how the mass email is performed.

My Personal Mail Merge Templates

Just like having personal email templates, personal mail merge templates should exist.

Personal Bookmarks on Homepage

The ability to add personal bookmarks on your homepage. This might be links to external sites, but could also be a link to a report or another record in Salesforce.com.

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