Site Has Moved

The Perspectives on blog has moved. The blog is now located at

If you are subscribed to the Feedburner feed, everything should take care of itself. I have redirected those feeds already. If you are receiving this post in your aggregator, then you are all set.

The new site is being run on WordPress. I am opening it up allowing people to register if they wish to contribute content. I’d like this blog to be a place where many people author the content and have it act as a supplement to the high-quality Best Practices blog that Salesforce maintains. I have not been too good about it so far, but I’d like the blog to take on more of a solutions-focus than a news-focus. To date, it’s been more about Salesforce news and functionality wishes. I want to leave the news to and stick to the functionality wishes and solutions. This is a bit of an overlap with Salesforce’s blog, but should still supplement it by having an independent consultant/developer point of view.

The about page has the information you need on registering and what that means. For starters, all postings by new registrants will need to be authorized for publishing, but that can be changed if this goes anywhere.

Please post comments with your feedback. I’m interested in getting suggestions on making this work and knowing if it’s of interest to people.

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