ActiveSalesforce connector for Rails

I came across a toolkit called ActiveSalesforce being developed as an extension to the Rails framework. Per the site,

“ActiveSalesforce is an extension to the Ruby on Rails framework that provides direct access to hosted data and metadata via the ActiveRecord model layer. Standard and custom objects, standard and custom fields are all automatically surfaced as active record attributes. Something that is unique to ActiveSalesforce is that all salesforce metadata relationships are also automatically surfaced as part of the model interface!”

It looks that this is utilizing the latest 7.0 API. If anyone knows more about this, please elaborate in comments.


  1. Todd Breiholz Said,

    February 11, 2006 @ 7:56 am

    I ran across this last week and started playing with it. It seems to be in active development with several releases in the last couple of weeks.

    In truth, calling it an extension to Rails is a bit misleading. It’s actually an ActiveRecord data source. This distinction may be a bit pedantic, but I think it’s important to note that ActiveSalesforce is not restricted to web-based applications using Rails, but can be used in plain Ruby scripts/applicaitions.

    I’ve definitiely had some success with the current release. The developers have included code to auto recognize relationships to other objects and follow ActiveRecord rules for referencing those relationships.

    Definitely something to watch!

  2. Doug Chasman Said,

    February 11, 2006 @ 6:03 pm

    Acting on ToddB’s comment above I have changed the description to read: ” ActiveSalesforce is a Rails connection adapter that provides direct access to hosted data and metadata via the ActiveRecord model layer. Objects, fields, and relationships are all auto surfaced as active record attributes and rels.”

    We have been working like mad (this one is outside our normal workday) to get the project to be ready for beta this week – please log bugs for any issues you find! There are currently 2 of us developing on this: myself (senior member of the Platform team in R&D) and Pete Morelli (senior member of the API team). our goal is to make an outstanding backend for developing in Ruby and RoR applications (I am also a customer of this using RoR with ASF in some of my “day job” work around improving parts of like scontrols, web tabs, and presentation layer integration and templating support in general).

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