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Steve wrote a good review of DemandTools1 on his blog the other day, so I won’t go into detail about the product here. However, I did want to echo some of his opinions.

I just received a demo of the upgraded de-duper (available in the beta version 1.7) and I am quite impressed. It has all of the things I would expect from a de-duplication engine and more. They have really done their homework to build functionality that accounts for the “gotchas” that can occur when cleansing data and have incorporated a lot of functionality based upon customer feedback. The 1.7 beta version of DemandTools still has all of the old functionality like “MassEffect” (a higher powered sforce Data Loader), “MassChange” (make mass data changes within Salesforce without any import/export of data), “ZipFix” (standardize your city, state, zip data) and a bunch more useful utilities. Many of these modules have been improved in the latest version too.

I recommend DemandTools to any organization managing large amounts of data or managing data that is in constant motion (e.g. 1000s of web leads per day, a high volume of opportunities created/closing each week, etc.). Many of the larger deployments are DemandTools customers today.

Like Steve mentioned, DemandTools is free to any nonprofit who has <=10 licenses. For profit companies have 2 payment options:

  • $5000/year for the first administrator; $2500/year for each additional admin
  • $50/year per Salesforce license plus a $500 setup fee for the first year
  1. CRM Fusion is an advertiser on this blog. This relationship has not biased this review. This review is based merely on the merits of the product being reviewed. [back]


  1. Chris Said,

    July 8, 2006 @ 7:00 pm

    Scott, interesting review – I posted a comment on Steve’s blog, but would be interested to hear your thoughts as well…

  2. Mark Esdale Said,

    July 9, 2006 @ 11:08 am

    Hi Chris,

    Since neither of these two other tools are dedupers it is kind off a apples vs. oranges comparision. Neither of these products has the capability of finding a properly merging duplicate records that are already in the database.

    RingLead and Web2Lead (our business partner) are incoming filters (and good ones too). The act of pre-filtering in DemandTools is not done with the deduper that Scott / Steve reviewed, it is done with our Discovery modules (FindLeadID, FindContactID and FindAccountID. These modules do have the capability that you are referencing.

    Be on the lookout for our new import module to be released before Dreamforce. We are working with 4 very large customers to spec and battle test “PeopleImport”, The ultimate way to import lead/account/contacts with all the bells and whistles including multiple dedupe passes against other leads, contacts and accounts. Automatic tasking, campaign attachments, event notation and more. It also has the ability to map a save location for “contradictory field values”


    Mark Esdale
    VP Business Development
    CRMfusion Inc.

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