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Company: D2Aligned (website)
Product: BIG Picture for AppExchange
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BIG Picture from D2Aligned is a tool that provides you with a single view as to how your business is performing against a set of stated goals. Per the AppExchange listing:

BIG Picture shows how all your mission-critical activities are performing simultaneously toward your strategic goal. This unifying view gives you greater decision-making insight than through dashboards.

It’s a different take on a dashboard concept. Salesforce dashboards are not particularly good at measuring data against goals. Enter BIG Picture.


The idea is that you first create a BIG Picture record. Within a BIG Picture are success factors. Each success factor is tied to a specific report (can also link to a manually entered data source or another BIG Picture). Then you identify what piece of information from the report do you wish to compare to your goal (count, sum, average, minimum, or maximum of a specific field) and then you document the goal itself. You can also do some tweaking of how important each success factor is compared to another by giving each factor a weight. This weight then affects the overall calculation. You continue this process by creating as many factors as you need.


When you click the Calculate/Display button, the BIG Picture success factors are calculated and compared against your goals in an alignment view. This provides a quick view as to how you are doing against your goals and shows your overall alignment for that BIG picture.

You can create as many BIG Pictures as you wish and make them public or private. Public are available to all and Private are only available to the owner. There is no functionality to assign BIG pictures to specific groups at this time. 1 big picture can be identified as the “Shared BIG Picture”. This Shared BIG Picture is available for viewing by all Salesforce users. Click on the success factor in the BIG picture takes you to the Salesforce report.

To see more about the functionality in this product, view their demo.


BIG Picture is $10/user/month for people that are manipulating BIG Pictures. The Shared Big Picture is available to all users without them needing a license.


BIG Picture is not a product that makes you say “wow!” upon seeing it. After playing with the functionality for a while, you get to learn how to be creative with it and you will probably start to like it.

BIG picture’s focus on providing a comparison against goals is the key takeaway here. It does this better than Dashboards and it can provide a concise picture of the “big picture”. If your organization is looking for solutions to help provide this level of analytics, BIG Picture is worth a look. A nice thing about it is that you don’t need to license every user in your Org for it. You could license just a few users who are responsible for building the reports and BIG Pictures. They could use the tool to perform the reporting and then pass the information along to executive management.

All in all, it’s worth a look if your company is in need of a tool to compare actuals to goals and view it all in a single “big picture”.

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