User Adoption Dashboard v1.01

A very small update was made to the User Adoption Dashboard package (which, I am proud to say, is ranked #6 in the Most Popular list on the main AppExchange page). There is a report there that shows people that have logged in over the past 7 days and another that shows who has not logged in over the past 7 days.

Steve pointed out to me that someone logging in exactly 7 days ago was not appearing on either report. Through this, we discovered that there is a difference between selecting Last 7 Days in the date widget at the top of the report and putting LAST 7 DAYS into your criteria of a report. LAST 7 DAYS starts with yesterday and counts back. The date widget starts with today and counts back. This is contrary to what the Help says about how LAST n DAYS works, but still seems to be the case. Because of this, the not logged in report needed to have its criteria updated to LAST 6 DAYS.

What should you do? You have two options (besides doing nothing):

  1. Replace the package: If you did not customize the package after you installed it, then I would suggest uninstalling the old package and then downloading the new one. The new one is located at the same URL on AppExchange.


  2. Fix the report: Go to the “Users Not Logged in Last 7 Days” report in the “User Adoption Dashboard from AppExchange” report folder. Edit the report criteria and change the existing criteria from LAST 7 DAYS to LAST 6 DAYS.

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  1. Jen Said,

    March 17, 2009 @ 10:19 am

    This isn’t related to this post but it says this dashboard is suppose to work with Group edition however when I try to install it says we don’t have the dashboards feature?

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