AppExchange 2.0

The IT Redux blog has a nice write up on their suggestions for what they call “AppExchange 2.0”. They are mostly suggestions on what should be done to increase the capabilities of the overall Salesforce platform like server-side scripting and a business process manager.

View their blog post

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  1. Dejan Nenov Said,

    July 21, 2006 @ 4:37 pm

    The IT redux blog post is a brilliant summary of what AppExchange lacks today. Our applications – MakeTime – is one of select few, who were refused an official listing on the AppExchange, because Salesforce does not allow executable code and third party data to be hosted side-by-side with their own instances. This raises the unpleasant question about customer data security – when an application needs to store copies of customer data in order to operate. Clearly this is the case for most non-trivial or performance constrained tools.

    We will eagerly anticipate AppExchange 2.0, but for now it seems that alternative offerings offer better technology, if not equal marketing glitz.

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