Info Center v1.0

The latest version of the Info Center is up on AppExchange.

The only change in this version is that it utilizes the production version of the AJAX Toolkit, which should improve the performance for you.

If you have Info Center installed already

The Info Center is an unmanaged package, meaning it requires you to uninstall/reinstall it to get the new version. Uninstalling it deletes all of the custom objects and your data will get deleted! If you already have the Info Center installed in your org, I have created a different package for you, Info Center (s-Control Only) 1.0. As the name implies, this package only contains the new s-Control code. If you have Info Center installed and want to only upgrade the code, do the following:

  1. Copy your current “IC Web Tab” s-Control code to a document just in case something goes wrong.
  2. Install the Info Center (s-Control Only) 1.0 package.
  3. Copy the “IC Web Tab 06072007” s-Control code to your clipboard.
  4. Edit the “IC Web Tab” s-Control. Select all the existing code and delete it. Paste the code from your clipboard to this s-Control. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Info Center tab and make sure the page renders nicely. If you have an issue, revert the “IC Web Tab” s-Control to the code from your document in step 1. You can contact me if you have an issue or add a comment to this post.
  6. If all is good, then you can uninstall the Info Center (s-Control Only). You don’t have to uninstall it, but it isn’t providing a function for you anymore.
  7. Enjoy! Hopefully performance will be improved for you

I haven’t been planning on making Info Center a managed package because it is meant to be a proof of concept and something that, hopefully, people will modify and make better. If it’s managed, then even the objects are locked down and you won’t be able to make any changes. Thus, it is staying unmanaged. There are arguments to be made on either side whether to make it a managed or unmanaged package. If you feel strongly about it, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Matt Brown Said,

    April 23, 2009 @ 9:43 am

    Hi any chance that you will be updating Info Center v1.0, replacing the s-control with Apex? Just wanted to know your plans with this great looking app before installing it to me Production org and displaying it on our Customer Portals.

  2. Scott Hemmeter Said,

    April 23, 2009 @ 10:25 am

    @matt brown, I would like to do that someday, but I have no formal plans yet. It being a free app, it tends to get lower priority than other things. At some point soon, Salesforce will be sunsetting support for s-Controls. When that approaches, I imagine I will feel more motivated.

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