Stats of Akismet Web2Lead (1 month)

Since creating the Akismet Spam Check for Web to Lead forms, I have been using it on my websites. So far the script has worked very well and Akismet has done a very good job of catching spam.

Since May 29th (when I setup my web forms to do the check), the following has taken place:

  • 34 total web to lead submissions
  • 13 of 34 (~38%) are spam (based upon my visual inspection)
  • Akismet successfully identified all 13 as spam (100% success)
  • Of the 21 honest leads, Akismet did not suggest any were spam (no false positives) (100% success)

A Lead Assignment Rule put all 13 of those leads into a “Spam” queue and got them out of the way. All of my workflow & auto response rules use the spam flag populated by Akismet to determine the notification to send me and whether or not to send a notification to the lead submitter. The end result is that I know about all the spam and I NEVER send an auto response to spam submitters. Yahoo!

Has anyone else implemented the scripts? What’s your experience been?

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