Summer ’07 Landing Page

Salesforce posted their Summer ’07 landing page. Get all the info on the Summer release there including Release Notes, Admin Preview Notes and landing pages for each of the new functionality pieces.

It looks like a rather large release. It’s pretty impressive, I must say. Some of the nice features that jump out for me and past clients are:

  • Intelligent Workflow: Use formulas as workflow criteria are a big highlight. Other improvements as well.
  • Extended Customizable Help: Include help hovers next to a field where you can include a short bit of help text.
  • Lookup Hovers: No need to drill into an Account from a Contact to view its data. Hover over the Account link and see a mini page layout of Account data. I personally think it’d be better to include joined fields onto the Page Layout so you don’t even need to hover, but this is still an improvement.
  • Extended Mail Merge: Mail Merge has been one of those features where the answers to commonly asked “Can it do…?” questions is “No”. Well, some improvements were made. First and foremost is the ability to create a Mail Merge for more than 1 person at a time. Also, mail merge will have cross-browser support. No need to fire up IE just to use Mail Merge anymore. This feature needs to be enabled by request to Salesforce.
  • Extended AppExchange Packaging: This will be helpful for my Info Center application since it is an unmanaged package. If you uninstall an old version in favor of a new one, you will be able to export the data, uninstall, reinstall and import the data back in.

If you want an early look at Summer ’07, you can sign up for a pre-release account and see it all in action in your own sample org.

And the logo winner is…


Thanks to Salesforcewatch and CRM FYI for actually letting me know about the landing page even before Salesforce blogged about it.

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  1. Steve Said,

    July 5, 2007 @ 10:39 am

    Great write up. It sure is a big one. Also, Apex will go live for Unlimited Edition. Don’t know if partners will be able to see Apex apps via the Appexchange yet. Maybe next release…

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