Arrowpointe Maps v1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 of Arrowpointe Maps was just released. You can read about all the improvements on the Change History page. The changes that most impact user experience and the application’s capabilities are:

  • The Map Pages now load the results via AJAX rather than using Frames. This results in improved performance as all supporting files are downloaded upon arriving at the Map Page.
  • Added a “Force to My Query” field on Map Pages, which will automatically add a filter to the Map Page so that the data returned is owned by the user running the query (e.g. My Accounts). This will help companies that want to ensure their users can’t perform aggregated analysis on other’s data.

    To use it, edit your map page and check the “Force to My Query” field, which is right above the Fixed Filter field.


    When you select the “Force to My Query” option, you should turn off the “My/All” and “Owned By” fields since they will not have any impact on your query and may confuse users.

  • The “Color Map Markers By” field on Map Pages now include number, currency, percent and text fields. Picklists and Boolean fields were already supported in v1.0. So now you can color your map markers on things like Probability %, Amount and the results of formula fields.

NOTE: If you are using Arrowpointe Maps and are confused by these posts about new versions, just know that these updates are happening automatically for you. You do not need to re-download the AppExchange application. Changes to the AppExchange package will be few and far between and those will be communicated very explicitly.

About Arrowpointe Maps

Arrowpointe Maps is an on-demand mapping platform that facilitates a conversation between & MapQuest allowing for easy deployment of mapping capabilities in your organization and providing end-users a simple means for mapping their data. Arrowpointe Maps is configurable and can be tailored to your organization, so that your users can work with their information in a meaningful way.

The official location for information on Arrowpointe Maps is its product page at There, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions and have the ability to submit your contact information for an invitation to try it.

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