Upside Outcomes – Assets For Sale

Gareth Davies, owner of Upside Outcomes, announced that he is selling the assets of Upside Outcomes. He has accepted a senior position with one of the big four in the UK.

The assets of Upside Outcomes would enhance your service offering by providing:

  • A ready made process for acquiring new leads
  • Proof of ability to provide service (pre-packaged ready-made software)
  • On-going license revenue to provide stability and enhance lumpy service work.

Gareth will be at dreamforce (and available before and afterward for a day or two as well) so if you are interested in acquiring the company, or some of its assets, please contact him at and you can arrange to provide further information.

Read his full post here. Congratulations on your new position Gareth and good luck! See you at Dreamforce!

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