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Auto vCard Removes Slashes

Well, I guess I need to get back to work. I am back from a weekend in Chicago for a wedding and a nice, long vacation to New Zealand (what a place!). Time to get back to work.

I made a quick fix to the Auto vCard functionality. The script will now strip out the annoying slashes from the text. Prior to the fix, the last name O’Malley would look like O\’Malley. That’s fixed. It will now display properly. This was fixed for all of the fields the functionality supports.

For more information on Auto vCard,

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User Adoption Dashboard and Auto vCard are used at Singapore Airlines

Salesforce issued a press release yesterday about Singapore Airlines utilizing 14 AppExchange applications to “Automate Tasks, Increase Efficiency and Improve Visibility Into Accounts”. I am happy to report that 2 of my applications, User Adoption Dashboard and Auto vCard (both free), are among them and mentioned in the press release.

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Auto vCard usage

Auto vCard usage has been climbing steadily since I released it in February. A graph of monthly usage since February is below.


Auto vCard allows you to add a custom link to both Leads and Contacts and automatically create a vCard file from the record. These files will open into Outlook and other PIMs. In short, you click a link in Salesforce to save that contact/lead to Outlook.

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Auto vCard Bug Fix

A minor nuisance to the Auto vCard functionality was fixed tonight. Outlook automatically prepends the website field with http://. If you had this value in your website string in Salesforce, the resulting vCard would have http://http\://.

This was fixed so that the website will be cleanly added to Outlook now. If you are using another PIM, let me know if this causes you problems. You can submit a support ticket here.

No changes are required if you use the Auto vCard functionality. This was all taken care of at the server level.

Get Auto vCard from the AppExchange

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Auto vCard is public

The Auto vCard functionality I created a while back is now public on the App Exchange. I encourage feedback on it and how it could be improved. Click the image below to visit the page on the App Exchange.


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